More specifically, the resistant laminated glass consists of two different layers of glass that are glued together using an interlayer adhesive, these two pieces of glass create the finished resistant glass used for the manufacture of hurricane shutters for fort lauderdale. Such impact-resistant windows and doors are, as you can see, very robust, not only guarding against hurricanes, but also offering extra protection from break-ins at home. Families and businesses feel safer when their homes are built with storm resistant windows. 

Our company was created with a strong desire to provide the best windows and doors for the families we serve. Choosing advantages in each of the flexible lines as a whole is part of what makes us unique on the residential market. Based on homeowners ‘ needs, tastes, place and budget, we are proud to offer product lines that provide impact-resistance, energy-efficiency, low maintenance, architectural appeal or a combination of these.

 Whilst all of our product lines can be used for new construction and remodeling projects in residential applications, your PGT Custom Windows + Doors dealer can help you find the best line for your situation.

Hurricane Shutters Fort Lauderdale

We all want to ensure that our property is as attractive as possible from the curb, while being able to stand up to Mother Nature’s worst. If your windows are old or broken, talk with the experts, the premier effect window company. We have cutting-edge impact windows that will protect and beautify your home or business.

Our impact resistant windows and doors are made of high-grade aluminum and vinyl engineered to last long and withstand the sun. Windows carries products made by the manufacturers of leading shock-resistant windows and doors. With years of proven track record in building glass and glazing components for the coastal areas, our suppliers give us peace of mind that when needed, the items we are installing will work.