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Disaster Proof Your Home

Preparing for the onslaught of a hurricane or storm is something every denizen of Florida has experienced and prepared for, especially along its’ warm and sunny coast areas. Since we first settled here, it has been a harsh and endless battle against nature’s wrath, especially during the hurricane season. Without our hurricane-resistant impact doors, you can imagine going back to a time when the normal hurricane routine started with boarding up your homes. You would need to use planks and nails, a time when batteries, generators, canned goods, water, and other supplies were stocked up. Just to wait and sit in a dark corner while waiting for the “hurricane countdown” to pass like the wrath of an angry Greek god.  As we approach the next hurricane season, take time to consider this for a moment. Without the protection of storm-proof windows and impact doors, do you truly feel safe for your family and loved ones?

Everything starts with family, the heart of the home, and the most precious treasure. Here at Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale, our team is dedicated to making sure your family and loved ones are as safe and secure as humanly possible and it is our duty to provide you with quality, stormproof impact doors that will weather any storm or disaster we may face. Allow us to help you protect your home and family with our expertise and eye for quality so that your home can stand proudly in the face of any storm.

Professional Assessment You Can Trust

Being certain of your safety is something that guarantees you peace of mind. You can never be too without the professional installer’s assessment. We guarantee to answer your doubts when it comes to your impact doors with the quality construction and sense of ownership that treats your home like ours. Built on the trust in our expertise where the long-term relationships with our customers are anchored, we continuously update and coordinate within our team so we can stay credible in all the avenues of competencies at par or better with Fort Lauderdale Florida’s stringent building codes.

How Can You And Your Family Be Protected?

One of the major issues during a storm outbreak is the debris carried by the winds. Everything picked up becomes a missile when hurling toward your home. Our impact door systems have been designed to make your houses feel like a stronghold and like the Fort in our name, you can rest assured your home will be protected from water, wind, and the debris that follows.


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