Broward Impact Windows And Doors hold a high regard for our customers. Our qualified team is working hard to please you, from start to finish and beyond. You can be confident that all our windows and doors follow both the manufacturer’s specifications and the city code.

Impact Window is designed to withstand high-speed impact from debris. Storm Impact Window can crack but not break through.storm Impact Window is built much like your car’s windshield. Rather than shattering like a typical glass panel. Glass surfaces are divided by an inter-layer of plastic that holds the glass panels together after impact.

Broward Impact Windows And Doors

We think about your project at Storm Impact Window because your project is an extension of us!  We carry features such as: our own in-house construction squad, timely delivery, prompt sensitivity to all needs. Professional workmanship with the best price we can give.  These ideals are part of the core values of our business. Demanding that everyone who works with us must share them. 

We offer competitive prices and over-supply the price our customers earn during our construction.  Our business start by setting a timeline to allow us to complete your impact windows within the next 30 days.  Before ordering them from the factories. We carefully measure and size all your windows so they fit the openings like a glove.  Only the best quality fasteners and caulking are used during installation to properly install and seal your new windows.


To addition to the beneficial benefits of hurricane protection, Storm Impact Window and doors . Also provide additional benefits such as energy efficiency and break-in security. First and foremost, Storm Impact Window is produced with aluminum framing. This can fight off heat and thus save you on the amount of energy you need to use . Storm Impact Window is also so well insulated that it makes it almost impossible to break through the window. The glass used is shatter-proof, which ensures that the impact windows and doors. Will not allow intruders to make their way in.

We are a licensed contractor, insured and bonded general liability company offering customized and timely services. The workers is knowledgeable and experienced to represent you best. They know homes can take a real beating during the hurricane season. Because we want you to be well protected, we only carry the highest quality goods and supplies. With years of experience, we are experienced in both residential door and window repair and industrial facilities.