What are Impact Windows?

Impact Windows & Doors use a glass form called “impact-resistant glass” which includes two sheets of glass that are sandwiched between them by an exceptionally strong polymer interlayer. This “interlayer” will maintain the glass together if it is broken to prevent harm and injury from the wind, water, and debris caused by a tropical storm. The major benefit of having Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in South Florida is that storm shutters are not necessary when a storm comes close. Anyone who has installed storm shutters one by one can tell you how much trouble it can save, particularly if your home or condo has several histories. The effect of a 2/4 voyage at 50 fps (feet per second) can be resistant to resistant glass. This kind of protection also prevents a forced entry into a home as even if the glass is shattered, the inner layer is not easily penetrated. Another great advantage of Impact Windows is the addition of capital in your estate as well as the possible decrease in insurance premiums.

We provide an inexpensive service to upgrade your home or company windows to the finest window repair and installation specialists. When it comes to your home, we know how essential to you and your family is the greatest quality of service. The focus of our window installer is on placing your customers first when it comes to the fresh window setup.

Protect your Windows

If you live in Florida where wind, rain, and hurricanes are common. It is essential to take the right action to protect the property during severe weather circumstances. The windows we sell and install can assist you to do that! We can assist you to discover and then install the correct goods for your property with our skilled installers.

We meet with urban inspectors in individual to guarantee all the details are completed. Signature 5 years Unconditional guarantee on all labor releases. Provide material and labor links. We provide each client with an honest evaluation of which system will perform best according to budget, site specifications, client expectations, and product c. c Cleaning and removal of all work equipment and instruments.

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