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Most of us residents here in the sunshine state, especially within the Fort Lauderdale area, are unfortunately very familiar with the awful sights of devastation and havoc wrecked by hurricanes and storms onto unprotected homes and the despair that follows. These weather phenomena can damage a wide range of properties, furniture, and even automobiles. The total damage may amount to hundreds of thousands or even millions in monetary assets– especially if you don’t have the right protections in place. If you think window choice is not that important when it comes to defending your home from planet Earth’s natural disasters, think again.

How It All Happens In Action?

To many thinking of building their homes on the coast of Florida, it’s a dream paradise. We have picturesque views of the ocean,  enjoyable walks on the beach with the sand in our feet, sunshine, and a cool breeze. But during the hurricane season, it can all become a sudden nightmare.

Windows are usually the first point of a breach during a storm, more so during hurricanes. This is due to generic windows not coming with any pre-built hurricane or shatter protection, making them the structurally weakest point during any storm, being unable to withstand the combined might of weather, wind, water and stray projectiles propelled by extreme winds. Only a special grade of hurricane-proof window and glassing can make the difference between preserving your family and property’s safety and impending disaster.

Based on a statement by the International Hurricane Protection Association, strong winds are the main cause of roofs blowing off our beautiful homes. Ironically though, it’s not the direct force of the wind that causes this destruction but rather the changes in pressure inside and out, caused by the rushing of wind through broken windows, capable of ripping your roof off in a matter of minutes after a breach.

Disaster Proof Your Homes With Hurricane Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale

Like all storms, the wind isn’t the true threat to property and homes so much as the projectiles that are picked up. In most cases of windows shattering during a hurricane, the wind has little to do with breaking through to your home and it’s rather the debris kicked up by the high-speed winds. Anything on its path can be thrown away to your windows especially in the more densely populated area.

Now beyond storm protection, there are a plethora of other reasons to choose our Hurricane Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale.  Our glass not only protects your home and family but also:

  • Reduces noise levels from the outside
  • Allows for a reduction on insurance premiums
  • Increases/Maintains the resale value of your home
  • Prevents decay and fading of furniture sets and additions due to solar exposure
  • Higher protection to break-ins via windows
  • Allows for a more natural climate and temperature control with better insulation

Our products are made to last and go through rigorous testing and quality assurance tests. There are many more reasons to Hurricane Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale but the best is without a doubt the quality assurance that you can rest easy, knowing both your home and family are safe and that you made the right choice.

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