Glass; a wondrous and ingenious material. It can be made into thin wire for intricate data transfers and art. Or durable layers that can withstand a hurricane. Hurricane windows west palm beach have a reputation for being both reliable and strong. So much so that they are guaranteed to benefit your home even if we don’t see a storm for the next 20 years.

But a question often posed is just how strong are Hurricane windows west palm beach? Well, that’s a good question with a short and long answer. The short answer is simply just VERY strong. The long answer is that it depends on the tier. While all Hurricane windows west palm beach are stronger than regular glass and materials by far, they do have levels that vary from tier to tier.

So, just how strong is Hurricane windows west palm beach?

The answer?

Hurricane windows are manufactured and rigorously tested to withstand up to Category 5 wind conditions, which are characterized by wind speeds of at least 137 knots (or 158 mph). Hurricane windows are also resistant to the blunt force impact of flying debris. Debris that gets thrown about violently during such heavy storms. Aside from defending your home and family from cyclones, hurricane windows also provide extra security. Security against burglary attempts, because they are just so incredibly difficult to break. To put it simply, one could repeatedly bang on an impact window with a sledgehammer, and it would not easily break.

They are further strengthened by the supports that they are built into the walls, making it even harder to break or pierce. In the event that they do break, however, fret not as there are measures in place for that too. They are made to stand even after shattering. Held together by layers of powerful polymers and plastics that simply won’t fail. If you have any questions or need a project done quickly and reliably, contact us today for a free quote and to see how we can help you today!