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Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale is the leading producer of fine vinyl doors. Whether you build your dream home, renovate or upgrade current windows and doors with fresh vinyl hurricane-resistant fensters and doors, the Fort Lauderdale brand will meet your expectations.

Several sophisticated characteristics, such as laminated insulated impact glass, are the perfect solution to ensure constant and efficient protection against hurricanes.

A1A Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale goods help to prevent intruders and are supported by one of the greatest guarantees in the industry. Reduce heat, outdoor noise and filter out 99% of harmful UV rays significantly. Our tailored frames, finishes, glass tints, grid styles, forms and patterns are suitable for every use.

Energy- Efficient Vinyl – Impact Windows Frrt Lauderdale

Our production plant has written the book on energy-efficient vinyl doors and windows. Fort Lauderdale has been the first engineer and manufacturer to approve PVC products since 1999. Together with one of our laminated, isolated, low-E covered glass kinds.Our products will significantly decrease your energy expenses in the coming decades.

These products are known as hurricane-rated windows or impact-resistant windows . They are designed to withstand the effect of flying debris due to hurricane winds. If their particular area is approved correct. A homeowner will not be needed to provide extra door or window covers. This eliminates the need for coverings or splicing during pre-hurricane preparedness stress.

Reinforcement and Laminated

A1A Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale is constructed with sash and frame metal reinforcement. And laminated glass double-strength in insulated glass. Laminated glass is a mixture of two parts of dual resistance glass, baked with an interlayer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

This glass sandwich is forged with heat and pressure to produce a single laminated glass piece. An extra sheet of Low-E glass will be added to the glass unit (now with three glass parts + PVB interlayer) . Which creates an energy-efficient system that does not allow waste to penetrate, protecting your house.

Many of the damages that happen during a hurricane to the home owing to winds and floating debris. Like branches or roofing tiles are due to failed or broken openings in the home. When your home has a damaged envelope, the storm goes inside and severe harm can rapidly escalate.

This not only creates long-term water damage, but can also generate pressurized circumstances. That could undermine the opening of your building and the lift or your entire roof. Impact-resistant doors and windows are constructed to avoid such a violation.

Fort Lauderdale has recognized wind-borne debris areas based on research and historical information from Florida’s years of hurricane speeds. The wind speed area in Fort Lauderdale has a unique requirements. Its called a HVHZ or a high-speed hurricane area. The 9000 Series of NewSouth meet the HVHZ and TAS 201,202 and 203 protocols of Fort Lauderdale.

Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale Experts

Impact window product tests are carried out by non-associated, third-party testing equipment in Fort Lauderdale. Our products are tested by an autonomous and certified engineering team that is approved by the Lauderdale Board. Testing is not only particular to the product, but also to the setup of the item with anchoring directives.

The missile trials require that the window be struck twice by a 2/4 shot from a cannon. 50 feet a second, or 34 miles an hour. Followed by a set of cycles of positive and negative pressure to simulate the moving and passing hurricane pressures. Give us a call today and let us help make the right choices when it comes impact windows.