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You may already realize that your doors and windows need to be upgraded but you might not want to substitute them with hurricane resistant high impact doors and windows.

Our hurricane-resistant doors and windows were designed to the highest industry standards.

Your home is a valuable asset and in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, you feel sure that your home and family are protected by hurricane resistant windows and hurricane resistant doors. Whether you’re here or outside the town.

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Best Investment Choice

If you are a part-time resident of Madison, this choice is particularly important. Note the air, rain and water impact on the roof, wall and interior of your home if the weather causes damage to your doors or windows.

Our hurricane-resistant doors and windows suit your home design in various styles, colors and materials.

The best investment you will make in order to guarantee your security will be to shield the homes and businesses from extreme conditions and natural phenomena, affect doors and windows.

Nonetheless, selecting the various styles, resilient fabrics, layout and solutions has a huge impact on prices and also on future costs of repairs, electricity and more. We are happy to provide you with instructions on how to choose and fulfill your specific needs, plan and wishes. We also maximize the fuel costs, lower taxes and more.

Impact Resistant Windows

The tremendous knowledge, skills and years we have on the business in Alabama can be achieved here. Our business promises that our consumers always choose the best solution or cost to defend their firms and homes from unsafe circumstances, natural phenomena or intruders. We also understand our customers ‘ plan and specific criteria.

Impact-resistant windows are designed to hit fast effect windows for energy efficiency gale force weather tolerance to effect and cyclic stress are planned, checked and accredited these vary from standard windows as their security is improved.

The impact resistant doors provide laminated multi layer glass providing protection from flying debris strengthened sash, frame and locking points and hardware refurbishments.

Impact-resistant windows were designed to hit hard.These vary from standard windows because they provide added security.

Impact proof windows contain laminated glass with multiple layers, which defends against flying debris, strengthened sash, structure and locking points, and hardware reinforcements.

Lamination Glass and Doors

The lamination of the glass surfaces of impact doors stops glass from being broken all over the glass can shake in impact doors, but the laminated surfaces protect the structural integrity of the frame. Laminated glass comes from the binding with a plastic interlayer or polyvinyl butry (PVB) layer of two or more layers of tempered glass.

A1A Impact Windows. is the only manufacturer that uses high quality extruded Aluminum panels on all windows, including its StormPlus series, as its default exterior finish. The design is robust and corrosion-resistant internal connections.

A1A Impact Windows integrity also offers an impact resistant coastline known as IZ3. Integrity windows and doors also come with the pultruded acrylic glass Ultrex, which outperforms vinyl and other composites.

The strength of Ultrex, its minimal expansion contracting and its superior thermal, UV and corrosion resistance mean that Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale can stand up to the storm and the time testing. Contact us today on

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