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Hurricane Proof Shutters and Impact Windows

At A1A Hurricane Impact Windows we pride ourselves on our stellar expertise, affordable service, and quality products to upgrade your home or business windows with the best window repair and installation experts at your service. When it comes to a home, we understand how important only the highest quality of service is, doubly so when it involves our families. As such, our impact window installation company focuses on putting our clients first when it comes to all our business and home-related installations in the Fort Lauderdale area. Give us a call today and get a free estimate on all your impact Window installation needs from our expert team members who are more than willing to answer any questions you have and give you the best deal possible. If need be, we’ll even send out one of our qualified consultants to give you even further detail on any recommendations they might have, absolutely free.

Why choose A1A Hurricane Impact Windows?

Confident, trained, and knowledgeable, we take pride in our work and our ability to assist any design project our clients have in mind and help them make the decisions that both satisfy you as a customer and give you the confidence they need to leave home each day knowing that their properties are as secure as possible.

With integrity and expertise honed over many years of personal practice and study, we recognize our customer’s concerns and expectations when making a decision as important as this and aim to make the entire transaction as pleasant and seamless can be as possible with no added pressure or deceit. We know our clients and believe that having a partner both knowledgeable and enthusiastic working with you makes working towards a goal just that much more pleasant and rewarding. We understand the value of the trust placed in us in any matter of security and aim to provide a service both competent and satisfactory to all our client’s needs, derived from products that both meet and surpass our need for quality and match your budget requirements, allowing you the satisfaction of making an informed decision you’re happy and excited to make.

Proven, Reliable, and Durable Hurricane Impact Windows

With natural disasters and hurricane occurrences on the rise, selecting proven, reliable, and durable Hurricane windows with A1A Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale to protect your home is the best way to have complete peace of mind all year round. Invest in something that will not compromise the integrity of your family’s safety during and after the stormy months of our increasingly temperamental hurricane season.

Reasons Why You Will Love A1A Hurricane Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale

Aesthetic Improvement

One’s home’s look and feel can be greatly influenced by how aesthetically appealing one’s windows and doors are. If you’re looking to sell or resell your home in Florida in the future, having nice windows can definitely increase your bargaining power for better pricing with the added benefit of extra protection. Installing hurricane-proof windows can make your windows a lot less bulky when compared to standard aluminum shutters. Unlike shutters, however, it does not need to be deployed every time there is a hurricane/ storm disturbance. You also get better lighting when the power is out.

Energy Efficiency

Something more to consider is the better insulation offered by impact glass during the colder winter months, allowing your home to retain more heat and reducing gas usage for heating purposes. On the flip side, less sunlight and heat penetrate during the warmer summer days, reducing the need for air conditioning and reducing overall power consumption, saving you a few more dollars on your electric bill.

Noise Protection

Hurricane windows are known to be a great deterrent against unwanted noise from the outside. They help minimize the distractions from the outside, especially if you and your family live near a busy street and want to keep the inner peace within your home. No amount of money can compare to a well-rested & peaceful home.

Install Once & Forget About It

Once the impact windows are installed, you can forget ever needing to put them up every time a hurricane forecast comes in. Florida residents know that a hurricane forecast does not always mean that it will hit or not hit. Having impact windows is such a time saver. It can be quite a hassle needing to put up and take down hurricane shutters every single time a warning comes in.

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We have been servicing Fort Lauderdale successfully and our loyal customers will attest to us providing the best service and windows in the area.

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Fort Lauderdale’s A1A Impact Windows: What are they?

Windows labeled as “Hurricane Windows” or “A1A Hurricane Impact Windows” are made up of impact-resistant glass, which is usually treated with either a layer of (PVB) polyvinyl butyral or (EVA) ethylene-vinyl acetate to increase durability and functionality.

Impact-resistant glass does not shatter as a regular glass does, although it may still shatter upon impact from flying debris or objects, it generally remains intact within the inner membrane. They usually form a web-like pattern when they break, reducing danger from shards of glass and remaining intact for longer than any standard glass window.

Standard windows can be reinforced and made more shatter-resistant by applying a surface membrane to imitate the protective effects of A1A Hurricane Impact Windows. This does not mean, however, that it has the same degree of strength and quality as genuine A1A Impact Windows, such as the ones offered by A1A Hurricane Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale.

A reason many have tried this option may be due to the fact that genuine hurricane-proof windows are a bit pricier, but we can assure you with 100% certainty that when it comes to versatility, strength, and reliability, nothing beats A1A Hurricane Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale genuine hurricane proof windows and glassing.


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